1. Great dane x pitbull located in kelowna BC looking for a new home without small children.  Lovely blue boy named Simon.  Rescuer can be contacted at 250 575 0548

2. Great Dane X located in SK looking for a new home due to some separation anxiety.  

Rehoming our 17 month old neutered brindle male Great Dane X.  (Birthday July 16, 2018) Vaccines are up to date.  

Jettson has personality plus and is quite the loverboy! He lives with 3 other dogs (Chihuahua, Border Collie, and a Pit Bull) and a cat. They all get along well.  He has also had several play dates with other dogs and does very well with them.  He is approximately 125 Lbs.

He needs someone who is able to spend the time training him.  He knows basic commands, is kennel trained and walks well on a lead (once he gets going!). Has been excellent with off-leash runs as well.  He gets separation anxiety because he needs to be around his people, otherwise becomes destructive.  

Because of his size and energy, he can push people over. He has been around children and once his excitement settles down, is gentle. However,  We would recommend a home without small children. He should be with someone who is strong enough to handle him.  

(My contact number is 13064919548)


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